Tuesday, February 21, 2012

K League Round 1 preview

3rd March Saturday 15:00

Jeonbuk vs Sasa
At home Jeonbuk should be too strong for a rebuilt Seongnam who should take a while to get going.

Pohang vs Ulsan
Adelaides ACL opponent vs Brisbanes ACL opponent.

4th March Sunday 15:00

Madaschi vs Burns 
These two may actually be up against each other positionally.

Daegu vs Seoul
The glamour of Daegu vs the grit of Seoul.

Sangju vs Gwangju

The Ju derby, that's not being racist because some of my best friends are Ju's. Soju and Maekju come to mind.

Bosnar vs Mckay
This is the game I will be attending and it will be my first trip to the big bird .

Bash Brothers vs Gangwon
Simon and Cornthwaite prepare for the visit of Gangwon. Gangwon physio prepares for a big week of overtime.

Devere vs Daejeon
Luke Deveres second season and hopefully he kicks on this year now that he is settled.

Mckay in - Fyfe out

Big news for Roar fans living in Korea as Matt Mckay joins Busan I’Park to take the AFC spot left open after the departure of Ian Fyfe for destination unknown.

This year there will be 8 Australians taking part at 7 different clubs in the K league with 3 of them having previously played for Brisbane Roar.

Current list of Australians in the K League

Matt Mckay - Busan

Adrian Madaschi - Jeju

Sasa Ognenovski – Seongnam

Luke Devere - Gyeongnam

Nathan Burns – Incheon

Eddy Bosnar – Suwon

Robbie Cornthwaite – Chunnam

Matt Simon - Chunnam

Alien card left at the airport

Iain Fyfe – Busan

Ahmad Elrich – Busan

Reinaldo – Busan

Jade North – Incheon

Greg Brown – Pohang (then POSTCO Atoms)

Thanks to http://outsideviewpodcast.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/australia-rules-korean-football-foreign-imports-for-2012/ for that one.

More on Greg Brown http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Brown_(footballer_born_1962)

Iain Fyfe

Ahmad Elrich

Jade North

Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 K League Vegemite rankings

The 2012 K League season draws near so it’s time for the pre season Vegemite rankings.

Chunnam Dragons – Last year they were only in 8th place but have since added TWO Australian players in Robbie Cornthwaite (Adelaide) and the ever popular Matt Simon (CCM) to take out 1st place. Not the sexiest combination of players but they bring something new to the league, even if it is served on the tip of a stray elbow.

2nd place
Busan I'ParkFormer Adelaide United player Iain Fyfe remains but Bas Van Den Brink is long gone and now at Perth. A fair bit of history with NSL/Aleague to Busan transfers helps them stay in the top 2 (they were 1st last year).

3rd place
Incheon United – The former home of Socceroo Jade North has now added Nathan Burns to their side in what is the most exciting Australian acquisition of the K league season since Home Plus started stocking Tim Tams.

4th Place
Suwon Blue Wings The team that calls itself ‘True Blue” has now added former Everton Aussie Eddy Bosnar to their line up. I am looking forward to seeing Eddy in action as there was a big call for him to be called up to the Socceroos when he was in good form in Japan.
Suwon still needs to get rid of that American flag on their website though if they want to finish higher, I would even settle for a Union Jack (half marks).

5th place
Soengnam Ilhwa Chunma The legend that is Sasa is still captain even though some Seongnam fans (including their official English Twitter account) seemed a bit grumpy with his rumored move to Suwon/Seoul that never happened.

6th place
Gyeongnam FC Home of Socceroo hopeful Luke Devere who had a good season last year and will hopefully kick on in this years K league marathon (40 plus games).

7th place
Jeju UnitedThe Hawaii of Korea is now also the Heart of Korea (**** Seoul) after signing former Melbourne Heart and Socceroo Adrian Madaschi.

So seven teams made the playoffs by actually signing an Aussie player (8 players in all). The rest look set to have a season to forget but a few of them still have their AFC spot to fill and at least one of them is linked with Brisbane’s Matt Jurman.

8th place
Pohang SteelersDrawn to play against Adelaide in the ACL….again.

9th place
Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Hyundai still sponsor the A league so here is a shout out to our sponsors.

10th place
Ulsan HyundaiLike Jeonbuk they share a sponsor with the A league proper and this year will be hosting the Brisbane Roar. See you in April Ulsan!

11th place 
FC Seoul – Hosted foreigner day they provided free (but awful) beer. I, like most Australian’s enjoy free beer so that alone gets them out of last place.

12th place 
Sangju Sangmu Phoenix – The Army team has been embroiled in a major max fixing investigation and it’s apparent bookies and gambling are a curse on that club…. just like they are in Australia. Welcome to 12th place Phoenix.

Relegated: Nothing to write home about for these guys.
Daegu FC
Daejeon Citizen
Gangwon FC
Gwangju FC