Tuesday, February 21, 2012

K League Round 1 preview

3rd March Saturday 15:00

Jeonbuk vs Sasa
At home Jeonbuk should be too strong for a rebuilt Seongnam who should take a while to get going.

Pohang vs Ulsan
Adelaides ACL opponent vs Brisbanes ACL opponent.

4th March Sunday 15:00

Madaschi vs Burns 
These two may actually be up against each other positionally.

Daegu vs Seoul
The glamour of Daegu vs the grit of Seoul.

Sangju vs Gwangju

The Ju derby, that's not being racist because some of my best friends are Ju's. Soju and Maekju come to mind.

Bosnar vs Mckay
This is the game I will be attending and it will be my first trip to the big bird .

Bash Brothers vs Gangwon
Simon and Cornthwaite prepare for the visit of Gangwon. Gangwon physio prepares for a big week of overtime.

Devere vs Daejeon
Luke Deveres second season and hopefully he kicks on this year now that he is settled.


  1. We'll have to catch up at the game mate!

  2. Will do.
    With Mckay playing for Busan I will try and convince Irish Dave that we should sit in the away stand which should make us very easy to spot.