Thursday, January 19, 2012

Watching the A league overseas

I previously wrote about watching the A league Grand Final if you are overseas but that info is now old hat.

I never bothered subscribing to AFC TV and instead have gone with

It's $5 a month and so far (I have had it since round one) it's worked well. I had some problems with flash and Firefox which were annoying for a couple of weeks but it is no longer an issue and it was likely caused by the Firefox side of things.

There are no replays only live matches in full and after that they offer highlights. You do get some extra non A league content as well like Dutch football but I haven't taken advantage of it. I guess if FC Uchtret with their 3 ex Roar players are on at a decent time I will check it out one day.

You don't get Fox FC or the like just the matches and it cuts away pretty quickly after the games have finished so you may miss out on Miren Bleiberg saying something stupid after a game.
Also it's not available if you live in Australia or New Zealand, and probably wherever else the A league is already on TV.

I also recommend the official (and free) A league App if you use IOS. I basically only use it for the schedule and results but it takes into account your local time zone which is great because I don't keep track of daylight savings and the like.

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