Thursday, January 6, 2011

East Asian fifa executives get the chop- Qatar rides again

While we all felt sorry for ourselves coming in last in world cup bidding with a single vote (thanks Franz) it seems losing so badly and perhaps being a part of the Asean zone has spared us some nasty reprucussions.

Within 24 hours of Australia getting to host the 2015 Asian cup Korea and Japan were losing their spots on the Fifa executive.

If you hadn't realised it allready then lets make it clear, the golden rule in football is "don't **** with Qatar!"

Some are speculating an East West fallout over this but I am not so sure. I think it's pretty clear the Asean zone is in the MBH camp. So while very powerful Korea, China and Japan look very isolated.

Most amusing about the news " before voting - overseen by Australian and North Korean scrutineers - produced another Arab coup for FIFA."
Strange bedfellows indeed :)

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